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10 Reasons UniqueMorocco is one of the Best Tour Operators in Morocco

Erg Chebbi Sand DunesUnique Morocco is run by a local Moroccan family whose origins go back to years of unique and tough style of life. That is, our ancestors used to move from one place to another seeking water and pasturelands for their camels and cattle. However, because of many years of unbearable and successive years of drought, they had to change their lifestyle. Our grandfather worked for the French mining in the desert, which helped the whole family to earn an extra source of income. My father and uncle, later on, started collecting and hunting fossils in the region of Erfoud to sell them to tourist traversing the desert to enjoy the splendid views of the Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes. Thanks to the new business of fossils, we were able to move from the desert to the administrative town of Erfoud, where I was introduced to the world of education. After high school, I pursued my studies at the University of Meknes till graduation. In this article we would like to share with you 10 Reasons that our company is one of the Best Tour Operators in Morocco.

Unique Morocco Private Tours has been launched as a Moroccan travel supplier for the following 4 reasons.

Before we begin to enumerate them four reasons, it is good to know that through UniqueMorroco will have the unique opportunity to know Morocco better than any other. The reason is that our experience combined with our knowledge is probably the best asset to get the best tour in Morocco.

  1. We are a local Moroccan based tour company which makes us easy to approach and always available to fix whatever issues you may encounter while you are traveling around Morocco.
  2. We have accumulated many years of both practical and academically experiences in the tourism industry.
  3. We have also grown awareness towards sustainable tourism as the best strategy to preserve our deep-rooted culture.
  4. We offer unique Moroccan experiences to introduce our unique Berber culture with our visitors.

6 Magical Travel Experiences With Unique Morocco

BerbersIf you think that our company will do the ordinary as anybody else do, then just wait until we will start the adventure in Morocco as you will be pleasantly surprised by the magnificent sceneries and local people you will meet.

  1. Meeting tourists and showing them our country has never been a new carrier to the family as most of us were or are still involved in the tourism sector either directly or indirectly.
  2. Our Unique Morocco Travel Experiences would include visiting Berbers living in the mountains and in the desert. We will share their meal and closely come to terms with their unique style of life. Berbers are the indigenous people of north of Africa, the people have, throughout history, preserved their unique way of life, culture and traditions.
  3. In our tours, we would rarely stop at the tourist restaurants that are crammed with people. We conversely take our visitors to local restaurants where most ordinary Moroccans eat. “The food has been always highly rated by our visitors compared to tourist restaurants”.
  4. We are always happy to host at my parents’ house in Erfoud for a nice, local and typical meal prepared by my mother.
  5. Whenever the occasion is at hand, we would attend Berber Wedding ceremony and I will be glad to shed light on the most mysterious legends and stories behind the marriage ceremony. The Berber culture is really shrouded in mystery and my mission in life is to unveil it to my visitors.
  6. In our tours, we always try to minimize the hours of driving and maximize hours of exploration and cultural new experiences.

Surely, all those 10 reasons are what UniqueMorocco is offering to all our clients regarding their Morocco Tour and their Day tours to Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier, Ouarzazate and Fes. Check our Unique Infographic to find information for your daily tours through our company.

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